Finding niche talent through online platforms: challenge accepted

Written by Jean-François Dinant

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Certinergie aims to boost the user experience (UX) of its portfolio to stand out from the competition. A role in the accredited inspection and certification organisation decided to entrust to an external freelancer. We had a meeting with Frederic le Maire, founder, and CEO of Certinergie, to learn how he was able to find this scarce profile.

Making a difference

Certinergie, a non-profit organisation, was founded in 2011 and is active in the field of energy certification. “Our activity is of course strictly regulated, and the technical references are identical for all organisations on the market. I have therefore from the very beginning chosen the path of digitalisation and UX, in order to optimize our processes and to be one step ahead of the other players”, explains Frederic le Maire.

In need of a fresh look

In order to boost the user experience, even more, Certinergie decided to call for external help. “We needed another perspective, a more objective vision allowing us to take a step back. For me, the solution was to search for a freelancer with the niche competences UX requires. Main questions: where to look and how to get in touch with this rare pearl?”

To search or to be supported

Certinergies CEO considered multiple sources, e.g. LinkedIn, his own network, international platforms, intermediaries, … “Skills aside, it was crucial for me to find a freelancer who could collaborate onsite and who has a cultural fit. My search led me to several platforms on which I posted the job offer. To my great surprise, a Beelance platform collaborator contacted me the next day and asked me to further finetune my expectations. Three days later, I was already offered the opportunity to get in touch with a dozen freelancers.”

Seek, and you will find

Successful recruitment starts with a good definition of your requirements and a well-written and an appealing job offer. “I owe the success of my search to Beelance’s support. Writing a proposal in the right way, understand the freelance market, grasping market pricing, …”. Today, Frederic le Maire has found the right freelancer for his project and is preparing integration within a team of 85 people.

The 3 tips of Frederic le Maire

  1. Analyse and describe the profile you are looking for in detail. This will avoid mutual misunderstandings and narrow down your search.
  2. Pay attention to how the text on your ad is formulated. It should express your corporate culture and attract the best talent. Also, it needs to stand out.
  3. Check the prevailing market prices. The aim is not to choose the cheapest option but to find the right balance between skills and your budget.


About Frederic le Maire and Certinergie

Frederic le Maire is a lawyer and started his career in a notary office. His entrepreneurial spirit combined with the introduction of energy certificates, in 2011 formed the basis of Certinergie, an accredited inspection and certification organisation. The company currently employs 85 people.

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