Where to find IT freelancers in 2022?

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After an accelerated digital transformation in 2020, there are many options as an employer to find flexible resources that can provide solid expertise to boost your IT projects. But in this fast-evolving industry, finding IT talents is becoming difficult… So, where to find It freelancers in 2022 ?

Therefore, finding the right IT freelancers for your company needs is not an easy task and depends on the number of experts you need, your budget and of course the time you could confer to find them.

If you want to find the perfect freelancer, it’s necessary to use the right tools. In this guide, Beelance, our platform specialized in the search of IT freelancers, offers its expertise through practical and easily actionable advice.

We gathered all the best solutions to allow you a quick and efficient selection in our 10-page guide.

We aim to :

  • accompany you in your search for IT talents
  • Increase your chances of finding the best candidates.
  • Make your projects a real success

Discover in this article a short summary of what solutions exists to find and hire IT freelancers in 2022. Download our complete guide to get access to a full analysis of every channel and solution.

Social media

Social media allows you to promote your brand organically and build a strong network for free. You can also use paid tools to increase your reach. In our guide, you will find three key methods to recruit IT freelancers through social networks.


SaaS platforms (Software as a Service) make life easier for both parties and contribute to mitigating the problem of talent scarcity.

Our platform Beelance, connects IT freelancers with missions based on the skills they’re looking for. With this method, IT freelancers are more motivated, they will apply to your offer only if they are interested and skilled.

Meetings and conferences

Online or physical events are relevant to get in touch with passionate and motivated IT talents. Below you will find an overview of interesting events but we offer you a complete selection of the best events in our complete guide.

Job boards

In your search for freelancers, you can use job boards (such as ICT-Jobs, Indeed, Monster…) that cover all sectors. These websites can be a good resource if you are looking for young freelancers who have between 1 and 3 years of experience.

Third party companies

These intermediaries company analyze your needs and manage the recruitment process from beginning to end. Nevertheless, they have a cost that can be high depending on the profile sought and the number of freelancers needed.


All our detailed recommendations for finding the ideal candidate according to the size of your company, your budget and resources, can be found in our 10-page guide.

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