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Want to know more about IT & digital trends? This category is exclusively dedicated to these different themes. Furthermore, you will find a selection of articles to understand the new trends of digital & IT culture.

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How domain-driven design can help you succeed in developing complex software?

Domain-driven design is a methodology to create software for complex business requests, described by Eric Evans in his book “Domain-driven design, Tackling complexity in the heart of software”.

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Written by Jurgen Stillaert

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Digital & IT culture Freelancer

4 questions to ask yourself before doing agility

Everyone is talking about the agile method but… What do developers think? 🤔 Alex, developer and blogger for more than 10 years, got interested in the essence of the agile method. He tried to find answers to his questions.

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Written by Alex Soyer

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How to Create a Remote Job Description?

Writing a job description for a remote role comes with different considerations to make than traditional in-house positions. Here are 6 things to consider when creating a job description.

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Written by Beelance

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