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How to Create the Perfect Remote Work Policy

Written by Andy Sto

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The major global shift to remote work means that many companies are moving to a remote workforce rather quickly. As a result, many companies have not had time to think about creating a remote work policy.

Essentially, a dedicated remote working policy is a way to set out company expectations and guidelines around how to work remotely. It also acts to empower staff so that they can perform their roles optimally and effectively.

Remote working policies address issues like preferred communication methods, work hours, expectations around meetings etc. A remote work policy also helps spell out all the rules, so employees know what’s permitted and what’s not – clearing up any possible confusion.

As working remotely becomes more and more popular it is important as a company to know how to create a remote working policy. For this, there are different aspects to take into account such as :

  • Specify who can work remotely
  • Detail privacy and security guidelines
  • Outline what equipment and support is provided
  • Set Communication rules and standards
  • Discuss collaboration and team building
  • Explain monitoring and evaluation expectations
  • Set out the relevant laws


For more explanation and information on the subject, please see the full article on Andy Sto’s blog.

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