How to manage freelancers and make them part of your team?

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Written by Lotte Vanhalst

6 minutes of reading


Freelancing VS umbrella company: which status should I choose when I become a self-employed?

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Written by Benjamin Leysen

7 minutes of reading


5 Tips to attract talented freelancers

The project or the company are important factors in the decision of a freelance to apply for a mission. So what should you do when you are working in a less popular industry, or when your project is not that attractive? Discover the testimonials of recruiters and benefit from their best advice!

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Written by Lotte Vanhalst

12 minutes of reading

Company Future of work

How to Create the Perfect Remote Work Policy

Major global shifts towards working remotely mean that many companies are transitioning quite rapidly to a remote workforce. As a result, many companies haven’t had time to give thought to creating a remote working policy.

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Written by Andy Sto

2 minutes of reading

Digital & IT culture Freelancer

4 questions to ask yourself before doing agility

Everyone is talking about the agile method but… What do developers think? 🤔 Alex, developer and blogger for more than 10 years, got interested in the essence of the agile method. He tried to find answers to his questions.

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Written by Alex Soyer

9 minutes of reading

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