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Silversquare & Beelance, a new partnership to make companies more flexible than ever

Written by Lola Van Strydonck

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An obvious partnership to make companies more flexible and help them better adapt to the reality of a new world of work!

Silversquare, a pioneer and leader in coworking for 12 years, is a network of coworking spaces in Belgium and Luxembourg. Each space is unique and designed by an artist. Today, more than 27,000m² are available to the 2500 members, entrepreneurs and companies with various profiles.

Beelance is a platform that brings together and simplifies collaboration between freelancers in the Tech & digital sector and companies. It solves the problem of the shortage of talent in the job market in the technology sector.

The Silversquare x Beelance partnership was born out of a desire to make life easier for members of every community. The objective is to offer Silversquare members access to the Beelance platform. For the Beelancers, they can access Silversquare’s offices at very exclusive prices.

To learn more about this partnership, coffee-break with Axel Kuborn, co-founder of Silversquare and Laurent-Philipe Ham, founder of Beelance.

The labor market is undergoing profound changes. There are more and more freelancers. What do you think about it?

Nowadays, companies want to have as few constraints as possible, they want more flexibility with as many possibilities as possible to be able to react. They need to be able to constantly evolve in directions that were not initially foreseen. Agility & flexibility are the cornerstones of this entrepreneurial construction. Silversquare provides an alternative solution to add agility and flexibility to their work.

L-P.H :
Yes, there is real change and profound transformations taking place. Today, companies want to work on a project basis and/or start by defining a budget before embarking on any kind of collaboration. That’s why freelancers are the most likely to make this transition evolve and bring flexibility and agility to their projects. It’s a new way of undertaking and approaching work.

You share the same vision. How can both of you make the work of the freelancer as simple and attractive as possible?


Silversquare, reinvents the daily life of the worker, by offering dynamic and varied professional spaces and environments. Each place is unique, the working environment is inspiring and stimulating, in order to boost the productivity of workers and encourage meetings and synergies between members.
“A company has a greater chance of survival in a varied, multidisciplinary environment, such as coworking, than if it were isolated in its offices.”


“Especially because of our community. Beelance is a Belgian community of ICT and digital freelancers, companies and partners that makes the work of a freelancer more attractive, simpler and more transparent.”

By removing a whole range of administrative obstacles, Beelance has an ever-increasing number of qualitative freelancers. This allows them to focus fully on their assignments and increase the quality of ICT and digital projects for companies.
In this way, the startup is making the labor market, which is in the midst of a talent shortage, more flexible, an improvement that companies have been waiting on for many years.

Silversquare & Beelance attract workers looking for flexibility. What does ‘FLEX’ stand for in each of your fields?

A.K :
Flex office: Members sign up with Silversquare for a flexible workspace solution, without a lease, without obligation. From Antwerp to Luxembourg, Silversquare allows the entrepreneur to work locally in an environment that is technologically coherent.

L-P.H :
Flex job: enabling companies to access skills as quickly and easily as possible. Those who best meet these needs are self-employed.

The choice of independence is very often accompanied by administrative constraints and commercial difficulties. How does Beelance & Silversquare make life easier for the freelancer?

Silversquare makes life easier for the freelancer by building a network of entrepreneurs in a stimulating environment that boosts their networking. In addition, flexible and tailor-made workspace solutions allow companies to have space they really need throughout their journey.

L-P.H :
Beelance aims to remove the administrative, commercial and community barriers faced by companies and freelancers. Thanks to Beelance’s ecosystem, they can call on a wide selection of partners who are there to advise and support them.

How is the Beelance & Silversquare partnership a given and an added value for each of the respective communities?

A.K :
Silversquare members will now have free access to the Beelance platform. Thanks to this collaboration. They will be able to easily find new freelancers for their IT and digital projects, according to their needs.

L-P.H :
It is important for companies and freelancers to have a space that is pleasant and technologically adapted to be productive and feel good at work. Through this partnership, Beelance users will be able to access Silversquare offices under preferential conditions.

The goal of Beelance and Silversquare is to offer their respective communities a place that is adapted to their needs and to respond to the issues that are related to their businesses.

“Our long term goal is for Silversquare to become one of the reference places for Beelance freelancers and, on the other hand, to provide Silversquare members with quick and easy access to IT expertise via Beelance.” 

Find out more about the terms and conditions offered to you > On Beelance

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