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Finding meaning in your project, the key to investment

Written by Jennifer Cano

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Bastien, full-stack developer at Beelance, shared his experience and explained how he sees things within a start-up. The innovation, the human touch and the project meaning allowed him to invest himself fully.

Why did you start at Beelance?

Freshly graduated with a bachelor’s degree in IT and lacking confidence in myself, it was by pure coincidence that I joined the adventure. Although the location was far from my home, I felt that the technologies and the philosophy of the project was a fit for me. I decided to join the team.

How did you evolve?

Almost 3 years later, I’m still here and I’m honestly surprised. When I entered the professional world, I thought that as a developer, it was imperative to take on a series of projects in order to improve my skills and avoid feeling stagnant. That’s where Beelance proved me the opposite because, beyond the fact that I blossomed professionally, I also blossomed personally.

How do you feel within the team?

I think that nowadays benevolence and trust are a luxury in the working world and this is in my eyes the great strength of this project, everyone is free to evolve and take responsibilities or not. I arrived as a back-end developer and I’m now full-stack with the ambition to take on a tech lead role this year. Plus, I had the opportunity to touch a lot of things that were totally unknown to me and above all to experiment, even if it means making mistakes sometimes. That’s also the startup spirit and everyone here understands that.

What did you like about the project?

Another aspect I really liked was the general philosophy of Beelance, we listen to our freelance community and our customers and they guide the direction of the project. The project evolves, adapts, sometimes we make good choices, sometimes bad ones, but in the end, what really matters is that we always have the feeling to improve and learn from our mistakes. I like the fact that I can question the existing features, ask the right questions and especially be in this dynamic of constant evolution.

For you, what is the most important aspect of the project?

I think that the most important aspect for me, by far, is the human aspect of this project. The current context has spared no one, no matter the size of the company or the position. Despite the telecommuting and the distance, we did everything to remain faithful to our values, we remained welded and listened to others. Everyone is different, but for me, this is what drives me, what makes me want to get involved because I believe in our vision and especially because I believe in our team!

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