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Focus on the connected entrepreneur: Julie Foulon

Allowing you to build yourself and participate in the social world is what it means to be a woman in 2022. For this special month of March, dedicated to them, we interviewed an entrepreneur and icon of the Brussel tech scene: Julie Foulon.

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Written by Eloïse Yang

11 minutes of reading

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How to Create the Perfect Remote Work Policy

Major global shifts towards working remotely mean that many companies are transitioning quite rapidly to a remote workforce. As a result, many companies haven’t had time to give thought to creating a remote working policy.

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Written by Andy Sto

2 minutes of reading

Digital & IT culture Future of work

Finding meaning in your project, the key to investment

Bastien, a full-stack developer at Beelance, talked about his experience and explained how he sees things within a start-up. The innovation, the human touch and the sense of project allowed him to invest himself fully.

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Written by Jennifer Cano

4 minutes of reading

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