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The future of work, reconsidering the way we work and understanding changes are essential. More than news stories, we want to keep you informed!

Freelancer Future of work

Will remote work remain the norm?

Although remote work is spreading, companies remain reluctant to this new practice. How can we make a good and easy transition to this new work method?

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Written by Jennifer Cano

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Future of work

Silversquare & Beelance, a new partnership to make companies more flexible than ever

“Our long term goal is for Silversquare to become one of the reference places for Beelance freelancers and, on the other hand, to provide Silversquare members with quick and easy access to IT expertise via Beelance.” 

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Written by Lola Van Strydonck

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Digital & IT culture Future of work

Beelance reaches 5.000 freelancer milestone and announces six new partnerships

We announce six new partnerships that will facilitate the employment of freelancers and make businesses more flexible than ever. These new partnerships will enable the community of freelancers, businesses and partners to better adapt to the new labour market reality.

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Written by Laurent Philippe Ham

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