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How To Grow As a Freelancer: 5 Principles To Live Well At Work And in Life!

Written by David Valls y Machinant

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Why is it so important to develop a meaningful professional activity and create winning environments? How can doing a weekly introspection and taking responsibility positively impact one’s business and work?

Whether you are a freelancer, CEO of a big company, or boss of a small business, it is important to create a professional activity in which you can flourish. Indeed, you are the central point that links your work and your private life. It is up to you to find the balance.

In order to avoid falling into a certain routine and being subjected to your professional activity, David proposes 5 principles to live a fulfilled life, at work and in life. These 5 principles are taken from the Business Bonheur method.

Principle N°1: Have a clear and positive intention.

First of all, it is absolutely necessary that you clearly define what you want to be, do, and have in the years to come.

This first principle, therefore, suggests that you define and keep in mind your intention. It is your vision, the life you would like to live and the results you would like to achieve in the coming years. The clearer and more positive your intention will be, the more you will have the opportunity to take action every day to make it happen.

To help you clarify it, you can complete the VisionBoard exercise, which consists of making a panel (on paper or in digital format) and adding all the elements that make up your vision.

Mix images and text to create your vision and keep it visible as often as possible (on wallpaper or in your office for example).

Principle N°2: Creating winning environments.

Once you have clarified your vision, keep in mind your intention, and create environments that will help you move in the right direction.

There are 3 main types of winning environments:

  • First, the places you live in because they are either fertile or arid. You have the possibility to choose your workplace as a freelance. Make sure you choose the right place for each situation (and this also applies to your private life).
  • Second, the people you work with. It is important to surround yourself with people who are caring and who believe in your project. Today, you may have people who pull you down in your environment (consciously or unconsciously). So you must take care of yourself and dare to set the framework that will allow you to blossom.
  • Third, the state of mind in which you are. This type of environment mainly concerns the possible beliefs that limit you or the mood you are in at a given moment.

The best way to create a positive state of mind is to surround yourself with the right people and go to the right places (and yes, everything is connected).

Principle N°3: Carry out 3 actions daily.

Without action, no result. It is therefore obvious that even with the best winning environments and a clear and positive intention, it is absolutely necessary to take action to achieve this great goal you have.

In order to advance towards your daily objectives, I suggest you start your day with your essentials. Indeed, in the book “The One Thing”, Garry Keller and Jay Papasan suggest devoting the first 4 hours of the day to your big goal to avoid letting the outside world direct your life.

In terms of organization, the best thing to do is to test and create your own system because, in my opinion, an efficient system is personal, evolutionary, and temporal as I talk to you about it in the book “7 concrete advices to increase your efficiency at work and in your private life: Increased Productivity”.

Principle N°4: Carry out a weekly introspection.

In order to avoid falling into a negative routine, the good thing to do is to take a step back quite regularly.

Once a week, ask yourself questions (What did I like this week, What did I dislike this week,…). The objective is to find out what suits you in your life and to be able to change what doesn’t suit you or what no longer fits you!

You can then make decisions and take action to move towards a life that suits you.

Principle N°5: Be focused and responsible.

To conclude, the key is to be consistent in your actions and stay on course towards your clear and positive intention.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to take responsibility.

Indeed, let’s imagine that a problem arises in your life, that an event prevents you from moving in the direction you want. Either you blame yourself or you take responsibility and decide to act, even if you are not the cause of the problem in the first place.

Conclusion: You are the actor/actress of your life/success.

Remember that you are the common point between your professional activity and your private life. The ideal is therefore to take care of yourself in order to maintain your professional success in the long term. Knowing yourself better allows you to better manage your business. Having the desire to change and to surpass yourself on a daily basis is therefore an excellent way to improve the results of your business while experiencing happiness on a daily basis.

Consultant in business efficiency and well-being at work, it is a piece of his story that David Valls y Machinant shares with us through the academy. After a loss of meaning in his activity in 2014, he creates a 3-step method to go from an exhausting (or not very rewarding) company to a fulfilling business.

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