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A professional copywriter: a great companion to grow your business

Written by Isabelle Colle

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Lately, many young entrepreneurs are seeking help as they are facing rather formal communication needs in a business context. In a world of apps, social media, chat sessions and video sharing – the media they grew up with – it’s particularly difficult for them to find the right words and tone.

The same is true for people in the driver’s seat of a start-up, particularly when their domain of expertise is high-tech. While they are perfectly able to describe their product or offer with a high degree of technical details, rare are those who can effectively sell their product to (potential) investors and customers.


These are two typical examples where one should consider professional help from a copywriter. The power of the right words for your target audience along your specific objective is enormous.

What are the key arguments for seeking support to a copywriter to get your content right?

  1. Savings in time and money. When you are not a good writer yourself, you don’t like to write, or you simply have no time for it. Spending time to your content is an investment often overlooked.
  2. Increase in credibility and reputation. Choosing the right words along the situation demonstrates that you care about your target audience and that you stood still to address them correctly. It shows your degree of professionalism.
  3. Higher number of leads. Tailored, well-thought and cleverly structured messages along your objectives say a lot about how you will be working together with potential clients. Especially your first contact in writing might be a door-opener or showstopper depending on how you introduce your services or product, and how you address the needs of leads.
  4. Involving an external, professional viewpoint on your communications may be an eye opener, as you are made aware of what works or what doesn’t in specific, sensitive situations. And you gain awareness of best practices in business communications.

Three reasons why copywriting can work as a catalyst to help start-ups grow

Imagine you are a high-tech start-up specialising in Artificial Intelligence and you’re about to issue your first press release. You may want to solicit help from a professional copywriter. He/she will ask the right questions to craft strong content, no matter the complexity of the subject.

Here are three reasons why start-ups may want to consider professional copywriting support.

  1. It’s surprising how few companies effectively link their communications to the target audience they want to reach. Often, press releases are issued upon a product launch or milestone achievement. A frequently made mistake is to get lost into technical explanations and details that are often not relevant for the target audience. A copywriter keeps you on track to develop your message adapted to your audience and coaches you to keep it relevant and to-the-point for them.
  2. You will often get this question: what is your ultimate goal with this communication? And again, this is a step often overlooked. Even though you may realise who your target audience is, you may not have thought far enough what you want to achieve with your piece of writing, your video or podcast. It can be pure awareness building, it can be a call for a concrete action, or an invitation to buy or give something. A copywriter helps you define this at the very beginning of the communication exercise, ensuring that the message breaths the objective to be reached all the way. The last thing you want to do is to communicate for the sake of communicating.

  3. Mind the right tone of voice. You don’t write to a Minister asking for subsidies like you write to a friend of yours to join your fundraising campaign. A copywriter helps you in this journey, by picking the right words, by highlighting what could be sensitive topics, or by elegantly injecting some SEO keywords if you are writing on the internet.

As a copywriter, it’s all about passion for words

Isabelle loves to play with words and helps companies, entrepreneurs and other freelancers start or grow their business by thinking together how to craft the content of their website, their mission statement or other writing challenges. Whether you are an executive, a FinTech start-up or an entrepreneur seeking to build a convincing sales pitch: she’s been there and done that. According to Isabelle, a very rewarding part of the work is to advise executives on how to write content for social media, or help them get the message right when the content is extremely sensitive, like writing an announcement for a reorganization.

It’s all about passion for words! Spending the majority of her career in various corporate communications functions, she’s been able to focus on an array of communications disciplines. The one that definitely stole her heart to exclusively focus on in her own career as a freelancer is copywriting!

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