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How can you stop wasting time by simply getting yourself organized?

Getting organized is an essential quality in order to start as a freelancer. Hopefully, there are several tools that can…

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Written by Laura Swysen

7 minutes of reading


5 ways to promote your freelance activity

You have just started your freelance activity, and you would like to have some advice on how to get yourself spotted with new clients? There are, indeed, a lot of ways to attract attention, no matter what your field of activity!

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Written by Eloise Dohmen

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Freelancers : a lawyer, for what purpose?

Starting a career as a freelancer often means conducting professional activities on a standalone basis. A freelancer has no structure to rely upon, as it would be the case should he(she) work under an employment contract and be part of an organization.

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Written by Xavier Gillot

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