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Women’s entrepreneurship: how to get started?

Entrepreneurship is a tough world, but it is tougher for women! Read this article to find 4 tips to make it easier for women entrepreneurs in Belgium.

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Femme tenant un PC

Written by Imane Bistrioui

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Freelancing VS umbrella company: which status should I choose when I become a self-employed?

By choosing to become self-employed, it’s a whole new world that opens up to you. Much more freedom, flexibility and many new challenges. You want to take the plunge but don’t know what you’re getting into? You want to taste this freedom but you can’t help thinking about all the administrative constraints that secretly hide behind this freedom?

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Written by Benjamin Leysen

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Digital & IT culture Freelancer

How domain-driven design can help you succeed in developing complex software?

Domain-driven design is a methodology to create software for complex business requests, described by Eric Evans in his book “Domain-driven design, Tackling complexity in the heart of software”.

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Written by Jurgen Stillaert

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