The essentials to know for your company in order to recruit and collaborate with digital and IT freelancers. 


How to manage freelancers and make them part of your team?

Freelancers are not always integrated into a company. Since they are an external resource, they don’t always have the same role as an employee. Fortunately, this is not always the case. Here is how madewithlove has demonstrated that it’s possible to integrate freelancers into a team and make them feel part of the company.

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Written by Lotte Vanhalst

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Company Future of work

How to Create the Perfect Remote Work Policy

Major global shifts towards working remotely mean that many companies are transitioning quite rapidly to a remote workforce. As a result, many companies haven’t had time to give thought to creating a remote working policy.

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Written by Andy Sto

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Company Digital & IT culture

How to Create a Remote Job Description?

Writing a job description for a remote role comes with different considerations to make than traditional in-house positions. Here are 6 things to consider when creating a job description.

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Written by Beelance

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