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Have you heard about Beelance? Let’s introduce ourselves!

Written by Suzanne Berthou

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Did you know that the sheer number of freelances has been skyrocketing for a few years? In a time of deep changes in the labor market, Beelance’s platform aims to assist experts in IT and digital industries that have chosen to be freelancers.

Unleashed talents, valued talents

Is the freelancer status becoming the new norm? There are indeed more and more freelancers in the European Union. According to Eurostat, there were above 30 million freelancers in the 28 member states in 2016, accounting for 14% of total employment. This rise of freelancing comes along with changes in the way we conceive work. Breaking with traditional work organization, searching for more flexibility, a community of experts is emerging: today, empowering talents is one of the major issues the companies have to tackle. This phenomenon is particularly salient in the IT and tech sectors.  Many IT experts are wagering to work as freelancers in order to focus only on carefully chosen missions to build up their personal reputation. In a world in which information systems are increasingly complex and big companies often resort to outsourcing tasks, these jobs are the most popular among freelancers.

 The platform that listens to freelancers

Based on this observation, Laurent-Philippe Ham and Stéphane Thérèse have founded Beelance in 2018. After acknowledging the challenges related to the freelancer’s status, this duo from the consulting sphere has imagined a solution facilitating the IT and digital freelancers day to day life. The platform suggests, in a user-friendly and secured set-up, missions according to each community member’s profile without any fee on the service delivery.

“It’s a bet! We wanted to bring transparency on a globally opaque market as well as targeted services for freelancers and companies. The aim is to create genuine added-value” claims Stéphane Thérèse.

The platform is completely free for freelancers and offers several attractive subscription plans for companies. First of all, it gives access to a unique matching algorithm stemming from the Graph database management technology that is able to recommend missions adapted with each freelancer’s skills. Furthermore, it embeds a complete solution managing and facilitating the administrative processes in link with the assignments. Similarly to the employed workers, beelancers benefit from a large ecosystem of partners (insurance companies, health mutuals,…). Finally, the platform’s strength relies on a community of freelancers sharing the same passion for liberating work.

Thus, Beelance is a new innovative solution that cares for freelancers’ needs.

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